MEP Book 3a
Page 25 Review Questions
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Fill in the missing numbers and units.
(a) litres=
(b) litres= cl
(c) litres= cl
(d) litres 50 cl=
(e) and a half litres= cl
(f) cl= ml
What do you think they would weigh in real life? Place the letters in the correct places.
120 kg< <240 kg
20 kg< <40 kg
50 kg< <100 kg
400 g< <800 g
1 kg< <10 kg
100 g< <200 g
Change the measures of time. Fill in the missing numbers.
(a) days= weeks days
(b) minutes= hours minutes
(c) minutes= hours minutes
(d) months= years months
Rachel emptied her piggy bank and counted the coins she had saved.
The graph below shows the number of each type of coin in Rachel's piggy bank.

(a)How many coins did Rachel have in
her piggy bank altogether?
(b)How much money had she saved?
(give your answer in pounds)

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