MEP Book 3a
Page 50 Review Questions
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test code, enter it in
the box on the right
and click the button.

Work out the answers to each question below and fill in the boxes. Once you have filled in all the answers, click
on the Click this button to check your answers button to find out which questions you have answered correctly. If you have answered
all the questions correctly, then will appear and you should move on to the next question.

Otherwise either or will appear, depending on how many mistakes you made.
Try correcting your answers, then click Click on this button to check your answers again to check whether your new answers are correct. You can check
your answers as many times as you want. If you can't work out the right answers then click on Click on this button to get some help to get some help.
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Fill in the missing numbers and signs below.

Look at the statement below.
List the numbers which make the statement true.
Enter the numbers like this:


Write the answers to the questions below in Roman numerals.
Remember to use CAPITAL LETTERS.


Using each of the numbers 1 to 9 once only, make an anti-magic square.
The totals of the numbers on each row, column and diagonal must all be different.

Write the calculations below without brackets so that the result is the same.
Then work out the answers.
(a) =
(b) =
(c) =
(d) =
Instructions for marking ranges on number lines
In Question 6 you need to mark a range of numbers on a number line. To do this, click once
for the left-hand end, and once for the right-hand end. If you are not happy about the result,
click once more and the line will be cleared. You can practice on the example in this box.
In each of the number lines below, draw over the parts of the number
line which can be rounded to the same whole ten as the number marked.
Write the positions of the ends of the line in the boxes below each line.
Lower end = Upper end =
Lower end = Upper end =
Lower end = Upper end =
Lower end = Upper end =

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