MEP Book 3a
Page 65 Review Questions
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Work out the answers to each question below and fill in the boxes. Once you have filled in all the answers, click
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I planted roses in square metres of my garden.
This area is 1 of my whole garden.

How big is my garden?

Complete the table below.

Value of

(a) What is:
(i) less than
(ii) more than
(iii) times
(iv) 1 fifth of
(b) What is:
(i) the difference between and
(ii) the product of and
(iii) the sum of and
(iv) 1 ninth of
Look at the shapes below. You need to colour them in the grid below so that the sum of each shape is 500.
The current colour is shown by the brush on the colour palette.
To change the current colour, click the new colour in the palette.
To colour a particular square, click the number in that square.

Make sure you use the same colours as the shapes shown.
You only need to colour in one of each shape on the grid.

Join up the equal amounts. To link two amounts, click in the circles next to those amounts.
To remove a link which you already made, click on a circle at one end of the link.

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