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9th March 2007 : Practical Workshops on Enhancing Teaching through Collaborative Practice

These free workshops, taking place at the end of March, will illustrate the main components of the CP model and include a practical demonstration using real pupils in a real classroom. At a time of shortages and low retention rates of mathematics teachers, the model confers responsibility and support for personal and professional development on teachers themselves and is therefore more effective and rewarding than other models of CPD.

For more details of the workshop at Coombe Dean School, Plymouth click here
For more details of the workshop at North Liverpool Academy, Merseyside click here

30th January 2007 : Hungarian Maths Lessons featured on Teachers' TV

Teachers' TV have collaborated with our Hungarian colleague, Dr Tibor Szalontai, to produce a programme illustrating Mathematics teaching in schools in Hungary. The programme will be broadcast on Tuesday 20th February at 2030, with repeats likely to follow. The programme will also be available to view on the Teachers' TV website by going to, following its initial broadcast.

26th October 2006 : Collaborative Practice for CPD

Following last year's successful preliminary implementation of collaborative practice within Pathfinder schools, we are now pleased to invite all schools to find out about the project and to become actively involved in collaborative practice if so desired.

CIMT has identified collaborative practice as a method to address the needs of mathematics teachers' CPD by allowing them to share and develop good practice within their department.

Further information, including an application form, relevant background literature and findings from last years' work with current Pathfinder schools, can be found at
Please note that the pages above replace the old Pathfinder school pages at

We also run a TDA funded M-Level module on collaborative practice, details of which can be found by going to

13th October 2006 : Interactive versions of A-Level Statistics and Mechanics Audits

In addition to the interactive A-Level Pure Maths audit, we have now added interactive versions of the Statistics and Mechanics audits. Paper based versions are also still available for each of the audits.

All three audits can be accessed by going to

1st August 2006 : MEP Resources and the New Two-Tier Mathematics GCSE

Since the announcement of the new two-tier Mathematics GCSE commencing in September, we have had many inquiries from teachers as to whether we would be making amendments to our GCSE schemes of work and resources. We have now studied the specifications from the main exam boards for the new two-tier course and have decided NOT to change the current GCSE schemes of work or Pupil Text materials. This is because we feel that

i) The current Standard/Academic route covers the specifications for the Foundation tier and the Express/Special route covers the specifications for the Higher tier.
ii) We envisage yet further changes to the GCSE Mathematics course and will consider amendments to our resources once these changes have been confirmed.

However, we are updating all of the Practice Books with new GCSE questions as and when we require reprints of these books. The updates will also be available online. The new GCSE questions have been taken from AQA, Edexcel and OCR 2005 past papers and specimen papers for the new two tier GCSE course. The first Practice Book to be updated is the 7-12 Express/Special and should be available online by the end of the week and for purchasing by the start of September.

30 June 2006 : Topical Applications of Mathematics - Resource Bank

Newly launched is a set of resources to provide motivation for mathematics study by emphasing the practical nature of mathematics and its relevance in solving or explaining real world problems and issues.

These resources are targeted at both teachers CPD (with detailed lesson plans included) and learners (with internet based interactive versions of the worksheets).

You can find the resources at

30 March 2006 : Removal of TROL and Dictionary of Units links from the CIMT Resources list

We have received several emails over the past 4 months with reguard to items found on the Teaching Resources OnLine (TROL) and the Dictionary of Units sites. Both of these sites were maintained by the late Frank Tapson, whose sad passing was noted on our site. Many of the resources on these two sites were developed by Frank whilst he was working for CIMT, so we had previously listed the sites amongst our own resources.

However, we have no control or administrative access to the sites, so we are unable to change or update their content. As a result, we have moved the links from the CIMT list of resources and added them to our list of other Mathematical external web links, which can be found at

The TROL site and the Dictionary of Units are still online and are being maintained by Frank's son-in-law, Nick Leonard. The email address for contacting him is

24 March 2006 : The University Practice School - A Collaborative Approach to Initial Teacher Training

CIMT, funded by CfBT, has produced a report highlighting the findings of a project to implement a colloborative model, as used in University Practice Schools in Europe, into Intial Teacher Training Programmes within a few institutions in England.

An electronic version of the report is available from our website at

Anyone wishing to have a hard copy of the report should contact CIMT.

9 February 2006 : Dissemination Meetings on Initial Teacher Training Project

CIMT has been funded by CfBT to hold 3 free one-day meetings in March to disseminate and discuss the findings of a pilot University Practice School intiative in teacher training

It should be of interest to teacher trainers, ITT coordinators and teacher mentors in primary and secondary schools.

The dates of venues of the meetings are;

Friday 10 March 2006  -  London
Friday 17 March 2006  -  Manchester
Monday 20 March 2006  -  Newcastle

For more information on the content of the meetings or to book places at one of the venues click here.

21 December 2005 : Frank Tapson

We are sad to announce that our colleague, Frank Tapson, died recently. Frank was a colleague of ours for over 10 years, first working on our "Enterprising Maths" project, and later became data manager for our international Kassel project and the web manager for the CIMT website, which included many of his own puzzles, problems and calendars.

We are very much indebted to Frank for his contributions to our work, and indeed for establishing our website as a significant contribution towards enhancing and supporting mathematics teaching. We will miss him greatly and our sympathy extends to his wife and family.

15 November 2005: International CPD links with Hungary

CIMT has collaborated with our Hungarian colleagues to produce a list of schools in Hungary that would be willing to allow visits from teachers in this country to observe Hungarian mathematics teaching. The visits would be part of International CPD and would link into teachers own CPD in this country. The list of schools and travel details for getting to them can be found at

27 October 2005 : National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics

Tribal Group plc, in partnership with CIMT, has been successful in securing preferred bidder status to run the new National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). NCETM will prove to be a valuable source of support to all mathematics teachers around the country. It is planned to have regional centres in each of the nine Government regions, as well as several hubs in each region. NCETM will be providing support via a designated web portal and an e-portfolio for each teacher, in addition to providing CPD to schools.

The official press releases about NCETM can be found at

27 October 2005 : Pathfinder Schools for CPD

CIMT is planning to launch a Collaborative Practice Model for CPD in schools and we are looking for volunteer schools who would like to be involved in the project.
For further information about the model or to apply, see

19 August 2005 : MEP and IPMA tests available on-line ready for new term

The Centre has now made online versions of all the IPMA primary tests and several of the MEP secondary tests. Pupils can take these tests using most web browsers, and their work is immediately marked. Results are displayed at the end of the test and also submitted to our own database for research purposes.

Tests will be accessible between Monday 22 August and Friday 14 October

For more information, see
To enter an access code to take a test, go to

1 August 2005 : CIMT moves to University of Plymouth

At the beginning of August, CIMT moved to Plymouth University's Exmouth Campus, following Professor David Burghes, who has been appointed to a Professorship in Mathematics Education in the Faculty of Education.

The new website address for CIMT is, and you can also use and to access the site. The new CIMT telephone number is 01395 255521, and other telephone numbers and email addresses can be found on the staff contacts page.

All the CIMT website resources have been transferred to the Plymouth address above. Now that the new website is up and running, addresses beginning will be automatically redirected to this site. If you can't find a particular resource, you could try using the search page or you could send an email to CIMT Feedback.

We are excited about our impending move and pleased to have the opportunity to work more closely with Plymouth University's Centre for Teaching Mathematics (CTM).

9 September 2004 : IPMA International Monograph now available to order

A set of four monographs entitled "International Monographs on Mathematics Teaching Worldwide"
has been compiled by CIMT, and was launched at the ICME conference in Copenhagen in July 2004.

The IPMA country coordinators have contributed to the IPMA monograph and have provided lesson
clips of good practice for the accompanying DVDs, which will be invaluable in inservice and
pre-service teacher training. All the monographs and the IPMA DVDs are now available for sale.

The monographs cost 10 individually, but if you buy the full set of four the cost is 35 and
you get the two accompanying DVDs of good practice free. Payment is by cheque or credit card.

You can download the order form at

More information about IPMA can be found at

9 September 2004 : MEP Primary information sheet updated

An updated version of the MEP Primary general information sheet is now available online.
To view it, please use this link:

26 April 2004 : New CIMT Search Page

There is now a page to search for resources on the CIMT site.
It can be found at

1 July 2004 : IPMA International Monograph launched at ICME Conference

A set of four monographs entitled "International Monographs on Mathematics Teaching Worldwide"
has been compiled by CIMT, and will be launched at the ICME conference in Copenhagen in July 2004.

The IPMA country coordinators have contributed to the IPMA monograph and have provided lesson
clips of good practice for the accompanying DVDs, which will be invaluable in inservice and
pre-service teacher training. All the monographs and the IPMA DVDs will be on display during
the IPMA seminar at the conference (Monday 5th July 1930 Group Room G162 Building 210). They
will be available for sale from the publisher's stand (in Room F103 Building 116) during the week.

More information about IPMA can be found at

You can view more information about the four monographs on the conference flyer.
It can be found at

Work out National Curriculum levels from diagnostic tests
(UPDATED 23 February 2004)

The diagnostic tests used in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 have been analysed so that scores in these tests can be converted into National Curriculum levels. These tables are on the Book 7, Book 8 and Book 9 pages.
You can link directly to the nine tables using the links below:

y7-test-levels-standard.pdf | y7-test-levels-academic.pdf | y7-test-levels-express.pdf
y8-test-levels-standard.pdf | y8-test-levels-academic.pdf | y8-test-levels-express.pdf
y9-test-levels-standard.pdf | y9-test-levels-academic.pdf | y9-test-levels-express.pdf
29 January 2004 : MEP and GCSE pages reorganised

The main MEP and GCSE index pages have been reorganised.
New MEP Page    New GCSE Page

29 January 2004 : Additional GCSE Unit on Proof

A new GCSE unit on the subject of proof has been added to the reorganised GCSE page.
You can view the unit directly by clicking here.

29 January 2004 : Additional GCSE Sections available

A number of additional resources have been added to the reorganised GCSE page.
Most of these are new sections or exercises for Units 10, 13 and 14 in the GCSE course.
These have been highlighted in yellow on the Teacher Support Material section of the GCSE page.