Initial Diagnostic Audit - Unit A4: Ratio and Proportion

Do NOT use a calculator for any questions in the audit unless specifically told otherwise
Section A4.1 - Simple Proportion
1. Simplify the ratio 35 : 14. :
2. A class comprises 15 girls and 12 boys.
What is the ratio of girls to boys, in its simplest form? :
3. A drink contains 60 cm3 of which 10 cm3 is fruit concentrate and the remainder water.
What is the ratio of concentrate to water? :
4. The ratio of teachers to students in a school is 1 : 12.
If there are 9 teachers, how many students are there in the school?
5. In a packet of nibbles there are peanuts and raisins in the ratio 2 : 3.
How many peanuts are there in a packet that contains 24 raisins?
Section A4.2 - Ratio and Proportion
6. The ratio of the length to the width of a picture is 5 : 3.
If the picture is 45 cm in length, what is its width? cm
7. The ratio of flour to sugar in a recipe is 7 : 2.
How much flour should be mixed with 50 g of sugar? g
8. 5 kg of potatoes cost £2.30.
What is the cost of 8 kg of potatoes? £
9. 200 g of flour are needed to make 15 shortbread biscuits.

(a) What is the weight of flour needed to make 36 shortbread biscuits? g

(b) How many shortbread biscuits can be made using 1.6 kg of flour?

Section A4.3 - Map Scales and Ratios
10. The distance between two towns is 20 km.
What is the distance, in cm, between these two towns on a map with the scale 1 : 40000? cm
11. A map has scale 1 : 25000.
What actual distance does a map distance of 8 cm represent? km
12. Two places are 6.4 km apart. On a map they are 16 cm apart.
What is the scale of the map? :
13. On a map with a scale of 1 : 300000, the distance between Bristol and Bath is 6 cm.
Find the distance between these two towns on a map with scale 1 : 240000. cm
14. On a map with a scale of 1 : 50000, a plot of land is represented by a rectangle 1.6 cm by 1.2 cm.
What is the actual area of the plot of land? km2
Section A4.4 - Proportional Division
15. The ratio of boys to girls in a school choir is 3 : 5.
How many boys are in the choir if there are 64 members in total?
16. Chris, Tim and Jamie share 240 stickers between them in the ratio 3 : 2 : 1.
How many stickers does Tim have? km
17. Apples, bananas and oranges are mixed in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5 respectively, by weight, to make a fruit salad.

(a) If there are 800 g of bananas in the fruit salad, what is the total weight of the fruit salad? g

(b) What weight of apples would be needed to make 2 kg of fruit salad? g

18. A fruit corner yogurt weighs 175 g altogether. If the packaging weighs 13 g and the weight of fruit to the weight of yogurt is in the ratio 2 : 7, calculate the weight of the fruit. g

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