Lesson Study: Enhancing Mathematics Teaching and Learning
This is an extensive review of Lesson Study and the use of collaboration as a method of school-based professional development for in mathematics teaching and learning and for sustaining innovation, both in Primary and Secondary education. Full details of the recommended Japanese approach are reviewed and evaluated and this manual is set up for schools to implement lesson study as their key form of continuing professional development.
Enhancing Primary Mathematics and Learning
An extensive report on primary mathematics in England including the underpinning research and implementation of the Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP). There is an evaluation of early implementation and the key teaching strategies that underpin this initiative as well recommendations for future practice in teaching and learning mathematics in Primary Mathematics.
International Comparative Study in Mathematics Teacher Training
This a report on an international research project comparing the training of mathematics teachers in different countries; it considers both primary and secondary training and compares entry courses and support. It also gives data on the mathematical attainment of the future teachers in a wide spectrum of countries.
Core Maths
Over the past 5 years we have supported the introduction of Core Maths courses for post-16 education; these course are for students who have achieved a pass at GCSE Mathematics (Grade C or above and Grade 4 or above) but not continuing onto A Level or AS Level Mathematics. The course are focused on problem solving and designed to equip students with the mathematics and statistics they will need in future study or work.
International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning
This journal, which is published only in electronic form, aims to enhance mathematics teaching for all ages (and abilities) up to 18 years, through relevant articles, reviews and information from around the world. It is aimed at practitioners and educationalists, providing a medium for stimulating and challenging ideas, offering innovation and practice in all aspects of mathematics teaching and learning.
Kassel Project
The main aim of this project was to carry out research into the teaching and learning of Mathematics in different countries, and ultimately to make recommendations about good practice in helping pupils acheive their mathematical potential. The project grew out of collaborative work between CIMT and the Mathematics Education Group at Kassel University in Germany. The project was initially centred on finding appropriate ways to use applications in the teaching of Mathematics, but this widened to encompass all major strands of Mathematics teaching in secondary schools.
International Project on Mathematical Attainment (IPMA)
This is a longitudinal, international project in mathematical attainment, monitoring the mathematical progress of pupils in primary schools and relating that progress to several factors including style of teaching and organisation of curriculum. The aim is to provide recommendations for good practice in primary mathematics education.
Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP)
This has been the Centre's main focus over the past few years. The Mathematics Enhancement Programme set out to implement in UK schools the findings of the earlier Kassel project (which looked at styles of teaching and attainment in Maths teaching internationally). As well as detail of the philosophy and style of teaching advocated, there is also a full set of curriculum resources for Primary and Secondary schools, including on-line interactive resources.
CIMT Papers and Reports
This section contains various papers and reports relating to the work of CIMT.