Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP)
This has been the Centre's main focus over the past few years. The Mathematics Enhancement Programme set out to implement in UK schools the findings of international research. As well as detail of the philosophy and style of teaching advocated, there is also a full set of curriculum resources for Primary and Secondary schools, including pupil texts, lesson plans, classroom resources, assessment materials and on-line interactive resources.
MEP KS3 Resource Picker
Prototype version still under testing
Tests and Audits
As a result of working on several research projects, CIMT has developed a number materials to test and audit the Mathematical knowledge of both pupils and teachers.
Topical Applications of Mathematics
Resources to provide motivation for mathematics study by emphasing the practical nature of mathematics and its relevance in solving or explaining real world problems and issues.
Bletchley Park Codes Resources
This section contains resources which have been produced jointly by CIMT and the Bletchley Park Codes Centre. They include teacher resource material and interactive activities.
Some records of athletics results (including Olympic Games) and population statistics.
Information about common misconceptions in eight mathematical topics.
Help Modules
Help modules for ten mathematical topics.
Puzzles and Competitions
Various mathematical problems and shape related teasers.
Resources 1
Activities relating Maths to various real-life contexts.
More Maths Topics
More topics relating Maths to real-life contexts.
Maths Links
A guide to other sources of mathematics on the web.