Mathematics Enhancement Programme Jamaica

Details of this resource and the teaching philosophy behind it are given below. For first time users, please read this carefully in order to gain as much value as possible from these resources.

Teacher Instructional Material (TIM)
Student Instructional Material (SIM)

This comprehensive programme of work for Secondary school students has been developed specifically for the e-Learning Jamaica Company Limited. It is based on the Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP) resources produced by the

Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT)

at the University of Plymouth, UK ( working with the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech).

The resources are divided into 10 Strands (A-J) plus a final Revision Strand, comprising a total of 40 Units, each with about 4 or 5 sections. Strands and units are allied directly to the CXC CSEC Syllabus for first examination in Mathematics in 2010. The order in which the strands and units can be taught is not specified, although some suggested sequencing will be given when the project is complete; it is expected though that teachers will use their preferred order of sequencing.

The previous knowledge required for each unit is given in the Lesson Plans. In some units, extra material, not at present in the CXC/CSEC Mathematics syllabus but considered to be relevant to the topic, is included. This can be used as extension material for more able students and will offer a challenge to those who are particularly interested in a specific topic. This extra material is denoted by coloured shading.

We have included many examples and questions in Jamaican contexts; where currency is involved, the $ sign denotes US dollars (students need to be familiar with this as their examination questions will often use this currency) and J$ denotes Jamaica dollars. Students will need to take care when working through units that involve money as the different currencies might cause confusion.

We recommend that students pay particular attention to both the Revision Tests and the Multiple Choice Questions for each Strand. It is vital that they get used to the style of questions that they will encounter in their forthcoming CXC examinations.

The resources have been developed with the MEP-style of teaching in mind: this is characterised by interactive, whole-class teaching, with the teacher orchestrating the teaching and learning in the classroom and with all students involved and on task. The Key Teaching Points can be found here. We do hope that you will read through these suggestions and perhaps adapt your teaching style in the light of some of the points made. The MEP resources have been designed to be used in this way. It might also be interesting for you to observe other teachers in your school and perhaps to plan a lesson jointly with several colleagues, observe the lesson being taught and comment constructively on the outcome. This form of Lesson Study has proved to be a very effective form of continuing professional development to enhance teaching and learning in many countries as it deals with the issues in your classroom.

We hope that you and your students will find these resources stimulating and helpful and that the outcome will be positive for everyone involved.

We are grateful to Cadien Roxborough of Papine High School, Kingston, Jamaica, who has helped with checking the resources, provided useful information regarding Jamaican contexts and made recommendations for extra material and explanations. Any errors are of course the responsibility of CIMT.

The structure of the resources fall into two catagories; those for use by teachers in delivering the programme and those for use by students in their learning. Access to each set of resources is available via the links below.

Teacher Instructional Material (TIM)
Student Instructional Material (SIM)