Unit 11 Section 1 : Types of Data

This section is about the different types of data we can collect.
There are two main types of data: qualitative and quantitative.
Additionally, quantitative data can be divided into discrete and continuous data.

Example Question

Below is a chart showing information about the two finalists in the men's Wimbledon championship 1998.
Think about whether each item of data is qualitative, discrete quantitative or continuous quantitative.

For example:
  • Residence is a qualitative measure because it is not measured with numbers
  • Double Faults is a discrete quantitative measure because it is numeric but can only be a whole number
  • Weight is continuous quantitative measure because it can take any numerical value in a particular range
Practice Questions
Work out the type of each of the pieces of information below, then click on the button marked Click on this button below to see the correct answer to see whether you are correct.

(a) Age

(b) Birthplace

(c) Height

(d) World Ranking

(e) Aces

(f) First Serve Max Speed

(g) Love Life



Work out the answers to the questions below and fill in the boxes. Click on the Click this button to see if you are correct button to find out whether you have answered correctly. If you are right then will appear and you should move on to the next question. If appears then your answer is wrong. Click on to clear your original answer and have another go. If you can't work out the right answer then click on Click on this button to see the correct answer to see the answer.

Question 1
Mr. Jenkins starts to make a database for his tutor group. Below is some of his data.
(a) Who has some data missing?

(b) What type of data is Height?

(c) What type of data is Glasses?

Question 2
Decide what type of data each of the following would give.

(a) Mass of an object

(c) Number of cars

(e) Favourite football team

(g) Colour of car

(i) Price of chocolate bars

(b) Amount of pocket money

(d) Distance from home to school

(f) Number of pets

(h) Number of sweets in a jar

(j) Day of the week

Question 3
Below is some of the information collected in a traffic survey.
(a) How fast was the silver car travelling?

(b) How many cars were towing a trailer or caravan?

(c) What colour was the slowest car?

(d) How fast was the car with the most passengers?

(e) What was the registration letter of the fastest car?

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