Unit 6 Section 1 : Multiplication of Whole Numbers

This unit starts with multiplication of whole numbers, which is a useful technique for all sorts of problems.

Example Question

Jai spends 3 on sweets each week for seven weeks. Calculate how much he spends on sweets altogether.
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Although this method works, it is better to multiply 3 by 7 which gives you the same answer.



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Question 1
You should know your multiplication tables up to 10 10 but they are included in this question for revision.
Only use this table if you need to!
Work out:
(a)2 3 =
(b)5 7 =
(c)6 3 =
(d)3 7 =
(e)5 4 =
(f)9 2 =
(g)8 5 =
(h)6 6 =
(i)9 4 =
(j)8 7 =
(k)9 8 =
(l)7 9 =
(m)6 7 =
(n)9 9 =
(o)8 6 =

Question 2
Look at each of the following statements and decide whether it is true or false.

(a) 5 4 = 4 5
(b) 6 5 = 6 7
(c) 8 9 = 4 36
(d) 21 5 = 7 15

Question 3
Jamil saves 5 per month from his pocket money.

(a) How much does he save in 4 months?
He saves

(b) How long will it take him to save 30?
It will take him months.

Question 4
How many bottles are there in this crate?
There are bottles.

Question 5
Emma, Rachel, Sarah and Hannah go to a disco. It costs 3 each to get in.

How much do they pay altogether?
They pay in total.

Question 6
The picture shows the tiles on one wall in Sunnava's bathroom.
How many tiles are there on this wall?
There are tiles.

Question 7
Packets of chewing gum are packed in a box. In a box there are 8 layers with 9 packets of chewing gum in each layer.

How many packets are there in the box?
There are packets.

Question 8
The picture shows the cars parked in a car park.
How many cars have been parked?

Question 9
A hotel has 9 floors. On each floor there are 7 windows.

How many windows are there in the hotel?
There are windows.

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