Unit 8 Section 3 : Division Problems

As with multiplication, division is often needed to solve practical problems.

Example Question

Work out the answer then click Click on this button below to see the correct answer to see whether you are correct.

Nine children need to split 45 sweets equally amongst themselves.
How many do they each get?



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Do your working on paper. Do not use a calculator for these questions.

  1. A mini chocolate bar costs 8p.
    How many bars can be bought with 72p?

  2. A multistorey car park has 4 levels, each taking the same number of cars. When full it holds 124 cars.
    How many cars can park at each level?

  3. A train can carry 384 passengers. It has 8 carriages, each with the same seating capacity.
    How many people can each carriage hold?

  4. Rafiq borrows 50 from his Dad. He pays it back in 10 equal weekly instalments.
    How much does he pay back each week?

  5. 375.69 is raised at a jumble sale. This is divided equally between 3 charities.
    How much does each of the charities get?

  6. Grace and her 3 brothers are given 37 to share equally between them.
    How much do they get each?

  7. Charlotte has 24 sweets. She shares them out equally between herself and her 3 friends.
    How many sweets do they get each?

  8. Three children are paid 21 for working in a garden. They share the money equally between them.
    How much do they get each?

  9. Karen buys 6 tickets, each costing the same, for the theatre. She pays a total of 54 for the tickets.
    How much does each ticket cost?

  10. A rope is 22.48 m long. It is cut into 4 parts of equal length.
    How long is each part?

  11. A baker mixes 1944 grams of dough. It is used to make 12 small loaves of equal weight.
    How much dough is used in each loaf?

  12. The 'Oblivion' ride at Alton Towers takes 16 people each time it goes around.
    How many times must it go around if 70 people want to have a go?

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