Unit 4 Section 2 : Fractions of Quantities

In this section we review how to find fractions of quantities; for example,of 60.

Example 1


(a) of £60
(b) of £40

Example 2

Complete each of the following expressions:

(a) of 700
(b) of 21


Question 1
(a) of 10
(b) of 12
(c) of 20
(d) of 28
(e) of 24
(f) of 30
(g) of 18
(h) of 24
(i) of 32
Question 2
(a) of 20
(b) of 15
(c) of 24
(d) of 24
(e) of 28
(f) of 40
(g) of 32
(h) of 30
(i) of 36
Question 3
In a class there are 28 pupils; of these pupils are girls.
How many girls are in the class?
Question 4
A can holds 330 ml of drink. Javinda drinks of the contents of the can.
(a) How much has Javinda drunk? ml
(b) How much drink is left in the can? ml
Question 5
There are 320 sweets in a large tin. Laura eats of the sweets.
(a) How many sweets does she eat?
(b) How many sweets are left?
Question 6
A car journey is 120 miles. Richard has driven of this distance.
(a) How far has Richard driven? miles
(b) How much further does he have to drive to complete the journey? miles
Question 7
There are 300 passengers on a train. At a station, of the passengers get off.
(a) How many people get off the train?
(b) How many passengers are left on the train?
Question 8
Alison has £30. She decides to save of this and to spend on books.
(a) How much money does she save? £
(b) How much does she spend on books? £
(c) How much does she have left? £
Question 9
A farmer owns 360 hectares of land. He plants potatoes on of his land.
How many hectares are planted with potatoes? hectares
Question 10
An engineer tests a box of 120 floppy disks. He finds that of the disks are damaged.
How many of the disks are damaged? disks
Question 11
Sue and Ben each have 12 biscuits.
(a) Sue eats a quarter of her biscuits. How many biscuits does Sue eat?
(b) Ben eats 6 of his biscuits. What fraction of his biscuits does Ben eat?
(c) How many biscuits are left altogether?