MEP Primary Interactive Resources : Book 3a

These interactive resources are designed to accompany the MEP Primary Pupil Text Book 3a.
Every fifth page of the book has been reproduced in one of the pages below. These pages
are normally intended for practice and revision, which is why they have been chosen.

They can be used in a variety of ways - the original intention was that they would be used by
teachers, parents or learning support staff with individual pupils, to provide an opportunity for
practice and revision with the assistance of an adult. It has been suggested that the pages
might also be usefully used with a data projector to deliver an interactive revision lesson.

The pages are randomised - clicking one of the links below will take you to a random version
of the page. At the top of the page is the number used to generate that page. You can use
that number to go back to the same version again. This feature can also enables a teacher to
suggest that several pupils can attempt the same page by giving them all the same number.
Page 5 Page 10 Page 15 Page 20
Page 25 Page 30 Page 35 Page 40
Page 45 Page 50 Page 55 Page 60
Page 65 Page 70 Page 75 Page 80
In each page, the questions are marked in sections. Once a set of questions is complete, it
can be marked. Any wrong answers can then be tackled again. At the bottom of the page is
a link to generate a report which gives details of how well the pupil did on each question.

There is a feedback form at the bottom of each page to report any problems or make comments.

These pages were produced with
the support of Pinchmill First School.