Restricted Access !
Some PDF files on the CIMT website require a password to view, and some answers and teachers'
notes are held in a restricted access folder, for which the same password is required.

If you have the password for the
restricted access folder then proceed from here.

If you DO NOT have a password then you will have to apply for it according to the procedure below.

To obtain the Password
If you are part of an educational institution you can apply for the password by email using your institution email address. The password is not normally available to individuals who are not part of an educational institution but we are happy to allow home educators access to the protected files.

Please send a request, from an official educational institution e-mail address to:
Please include your name and the name, address and type of your institution. If you are not clear whether you are eligible for the password, please feel free to contact the web manager using the above link.