Unit 15 Section 4 : Quadrilaterals

There are many special types of quadrilaterals; the following table lists some of them and their properties.

It is important to remember that a particular shape can fit into more than one description. We always use the most specific name. For example, if I am looking at a rectangle, then I could also call it a trapezium (because it has two parallel sides) or a parallelogram (because it has two pairs of parallel sides and opposite sides equal). However, because it also has four right-angles it is called a rectangle because that is the most specific name we can give it.

NOTE: The diagonals of a quadrilateral are the lines connecting opposite corners.

Practice Questions
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(a) Which quadrilaterals always have four sides the same length?

(b) Which quadrilaterals do not always have two pairs of parallel sides?

(c) Which quadrilaterals always have diagonals which meet at right-angles?



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Question 1
Complete the following table:

Quadrilateral Number of
lines of
Order of
are the same






Question 2
What type of quadrilateral is shown in each of the diagrams below?
Question 3
The flow chart below is used to identify quadrilaterals.

Pick the correct quadrilateral for each output.

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