Book 8
Interactive Tutorials

These resources have been developed as part of the
Mathematics Enhancement Program
and were funded principally by the Garfield Weston Charitable Foundation
The year is divided into 2 parts - 8A and 8B. For each part there is a Pupils' Practice Book.
Book 8A covers Units 1 to 11. Book 8B covers Units 12 to 20.
Each Unit will have its own set of interactive tutorials - one for each section within that unit.

A number of the tutorails utilise Flash which is now obsolete on most browsers. It does still work on Basilisk browser which can be downloaded from here.

Practice Book 8A - Index

Unit 1 (Mathematical Diagrams)
1.1 Distance Charts
1.2 Flow Charts for Practical Tasks
1.3 Using a Flow Chart for Classification
1.4 Networks

Unit 2 (Factors)
2.1 Factors and Prime Numbers
2.2 Prime Factors
2.3 Index Notation
2.4 HCF and LCM

Unit 3 (Pythagoras' Theorem)
3.1 Pythagoras' Theorem
3.2 Finding the Hypotenuse
3.4 Problems in Context
3.5 Constructions and Angles

Unit 4 (Rounding and Estimating)
4.1 Four operations (whole numbers)
4.2 Four Operations (decimals)
4.3 Order of Operations
4.4 Problems in Context
4.5 Rounding
4.6 Estimating

Unit 5 (Data Analysis)
5.1 Frequency Tables: Discrete Ungrouped Data
5.2 Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Unit 6 (Nets and Surface Area)
6.1 Common 2-D and 3-D shapes

Unit 7 (Ratio and Proportion)
7.1 Equivalent Ratios
7.2 Direct Proportion
7.3 Proportional Division

Unit 8 (Brackets)
8.1 Expansion of single brackets
8.2 Linear Equations with Brackets
8.3 Factorising Expressions

Unit 10 (Probability - Two Events)
10.1 Basic Probability of One Event
10.2 Finding Outcomes With Two Experiments
10.3 Finding Probabilities Using Lists Of Outcomes
10.4 Multiplication Law For Independent Events

Unit 11 (Angles, Bearings and Maps)
11.1 Angle Measures
11.2 Parallel And Intersecting Lines
11.3 Bearings

Practice Book 8B - Index

Unit 12 (Formulae)
12.1 Substitution into Formulae 1
12.2 Substitution into Formulae 2
12.3 Linear Equations 1
12.4 Linear Equations 2

Unit 13 (Money and Time)
13.1 Money
13.2 Time
13.3 Time and Money

Unit 14 (Straight Line Graphs)
14.1 Coordinates
14.2 Plotting Points on Straight Lines
14.3 Plotting Graphs Given Their Equations

Unit 15 (Polygons)
15.1 Angle Facts
15.2 Angle Properties of Polygons
15.3 Symmetry
15.4 Quadrilaterals

Unit 16 (Circles and Cylinders)
16.1 Introduction to Circles
16.4 Formulae for Circumference and Area

Unit 17 (Units of Measure)
17.1 Estimating Metric Units
17.2 Conversion Between Metric Units
17.3 Estimating Imperial Units
17.4 Metric And Imperial Units
17.5 Problems in Context

Unit 18 (Speed, Distance and Time)
18.1 Speed
18.2 Calculating Speed, Distance and Time
18.3 Problems with Mixed Units

Unit 19 (Similarity)
19.1 Enlargement
19.2 Similar Shapes
19.3 Line, Area and Volume Scale Factors

Unit 20 (Questionnaires and Analysis)
20.2 Data Display
20.3 Line Graphs

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